Rules & Regulations

The following rules were established to maintain high standards of cleanliness, safety and maintenance in mind. Since every contingency cannot be covered in a set of rules, from time to time, modification may be necessary.

Your compliance is very much appreciated and will ensure a pleasant stay for all guests.

Recreational Vehicles

  • Each site is limited to one (1) RV and two (2) vehicles. Vehicle are not allowed to stick out beyond your site area. Management must approve a third vehicle or vehicles too long, shall be parked in a designated area.
  • The RV must be well maintained and in good overall condition. (No water leaks, sewer leaks, busted windows…)
  • We require the use of sewer gaskets/seals. Sewer hoses on long term rigs MUST be raised off the ground. We are on a septic tank system, please do not put anything in the septic system that doesn’t come out of your body.
  • Guests will be required to pay for damages they or their visitors may cause to property – i.e. damage to faucets, water pipes, electrical receptacles, structures, buildings and/or equipment.
  • During winter months, guests are responsible for wrapping their water lines with heat tape and insulation.

Personal Vehicles

  • Vehicles must be well maintained (no oil leaks) and operate in a safe manner. Speed limit in the park is 5 MPH (miles per hour).
  • Inoperable or unlicensed vehicles are not permitted in the park.
  • Vehicles are to be parked only in the space intended. The common areas are not for parking.
  • Never park in an empty site or on the roadway through the park
  • Drive only on the roadways and never through an empty site.
  • All vehicular noise is to be kept to a minimum. Please be mindful of your neighbors when warming your diesel engines — they can be very loud.
  • Recreational use of motorized bikes, motorcycles or ATVs within the park is not permitted.


  • We work hard to keep sites clean and free of debris. Please help by avoiding clutter and eyesores such as boxes, tools, wood, empty flower pots, etc.
  • All garbage and trash must be wrapped or bagged in plastic and placed inside dumpsters.
  • Only furniture and items intended for outside use are allowed and must be kept to a minimum.
  • The following are NOT allowed on sites (including under the RV):
    • No clothes lines or hanging of laundry.
    • No appliances outside the RV.(small deep freezer may be an exception but must discuss with management first)
    • Open storage containers. (Plastic storage containers are permitted under your rig, if kept orderly.)
    • No walking through occupied sites or vacant sites.
    • Alcohol consumption is allowed at your site only.
    • Rowdiness or drunkenness is not allowed and can result in eviction.


  • All pets must be registered at the office. Maximum of 2 pets per site. Pet rules will be issued, and compliance is mandatory. Remember — cats are pets too, and the rules apply to them. They are not to be let out to run loose.
  • We do not allow aggressive animals of any sort.  
  • Pets must always be on a leash with the owner when outdoors. Pets cannot be tied outside and left unattended.
  • Guests must pick up after their pets. Please make sure the bag is securely sealed and placed in the trash.
  • Per my insurance requires any person handling a pet be 14 years of age or older.


  • You are responsible for your guest and them following the rules.
  • Overnight guests must register at the office.
  • Emergency and Safety
  • If you need to call 911, and time allows, please call the office so the staff can be prepared to escort the emergency personnel to your site.
  • If you observe any activity you believe to be of concern, call 417-364-4080 24 hours a day. (No soliciting is allowed.)
  • Emergency Contact Information forms are required from all monthly guests. This information remains private and used only when a situation arises when we need to contact someone in the event of an emergency or is sought by law enforcement agencies. We never give personal information out to others.

General Info

  • Office Hours: 8:00 am until 7:00 pm
  • Check In: 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm. Please call Blue Sky’s RV Park if you will be arriving after 7:00 pm.
  • Check Out: 11:00 am
  • Quite Time: 9:00 pm- 8:00 am

Registration & Rent

  • Rent must be paid in advance. We accept cash and personal checks with proper ID. We are now accepting credit cards. There is a 3% Convenience Fee for Credit Card use.
  • We have overnight, weekly and monthly rates (call for current rate). Each lot has its own electric meter. For our long term guests, there is a $75 electric deposit due at time of check in for monthly tenants. The meter is read and paid monthly and/or due at check out. We do not prorate monthly rates. Our weekly and daily rate is a flat rate.
  • Note: Blue Sky’s RV Park is private property and we reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the premises for noncompliance. MO statute 419.090
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