3 Things That Shouldn’t Stop You From Full-Time RVing



3 Things That Shouldn’t Stop You From Full-Time RVing

Full-time RVing is certainly not for everyone, but many people dream of hitting the road full-time if life was different. The good news is that this lifestyle is very doable, it just takes some effort, planning, and downsizing. If you think you can’t RV full-time because of these three reasons, think again.

1. Kids

Of course, full-time RVing with kids comes with challenges, but it also has its own benefits. Your little ones don’t always have to run around those pricey theme parks every day. Full-time RVing rather gives you a chance to roadschool and be closer with your children and give them hands-on experience at museums, historic sites, national parks, and state capitals, as opposed to sitting in a classroom all the time listening to lectures or reading about these places in books.

You can find educational books on the areas you’re visiting and teach them life lessons that are not always taught in public schools. In the evenings, they can often find other kids to play with at the RV park or campground, many of which have playgrounds. By night, they can fall asleep watching TV in the camper while the adults are outside around the campfire.

2. Work/money

Like at home, full-time RVing comes with plenty of money challenges. Things in the RV are always breaking and they’re almost always going to cost you. However, there are many ways to make and save money while you’re living and traveling full-time in an RV.

Some of your options include remote work online or even starting your own mobile business. Many full-timers also like to stay in one place for a few months for a seasonal workamping job. You could also search for local handyman projects or gigs at nearby events.


If you’re creative, sell prints of photography from your travels or get a booth at local fairs to sell artisan goods like jewelry. Set up an Etsy shop or your own website through WordPress or Wix. Other RVers have found great success in gaining a following on their blog, Youtube channel, or podcast.

It is also equally important to save money as you travel. Instead of camping in RV parks and resorts every night, you can save a lot of money by boondocking for free on public land, or for cheap in county or state parks. Once in a while, stay overnight at Walmart, rest areas that allow overnight parking, or if you’re lucky enough, a friend or family member’s driveway. Rather than spend money on overpriced tourist attractions, try seeking out local parks, hiking trails, and other free/cheap points of interest.

Sign up for clubs like Passport AmericaEscapees, and Thousand Trails to get a discount at the campgrounds they’re affiliated with across the country. If you’re a AAA member, make full use of all their great discounts on everything from prescriptions to campground rates.

Save money on food by cooking in your RV as often as possible (though it is nice to take a break from cooking sometimes to try the local restaurants). Always search for the lowest local gas prices on Gas Buddy’s website or free app before you fuel up. You can also plan your trip on RV Trip Wizard to track all of your trip expenses easily.

This Do It Yourself RV article shares how to live and travel on a budget of $2000 or less a month.

3. Going solo

Many people would love to travel full-time but do not want to go alone. While some aren’t comfortable with doing everything by themselves, others don’t mind as it gives them solitude and independence.

There are both men and women who RV solo and plenty of RV clubs and online forums where you can meet and chat with other like-minded travelers. Solo travel isn’t for everyone, but definitely something to consider if you would love to travel full-time and don’t want to wait on anyone else.

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