Living in an RV in Winter

Living in an RV in winter can be a challenge. Some of you live full time RVing, while others put your toy away and pull it back out when spring comes back.

Either way, your RV needs to be WINTERIZED. Depending on when you are reading this, it is nearing winter here. Our park is located between Neosho and Goodman, MO and in about 5 days the weather guys are predicting temps near 20. Are you prepared? Here we have anything between overnighters to full time RVers. And for those who have chosen full time, this may be your first winter living in an RV.

No matter whether you are part time or full time taking care of your plumbing and electrical is different that living in a brick and mortar home. I say that often and when explaining that to Newbies, I often get scoffed.

But, the reality is that you do need to Winterize your RV, and it is different depending on if you are living in it during the winter or if you are storing it during the winter.

Two Things You Can Do To Prepare for Living in an RV in Winter

Step One: Skirt your RV

RVs and freezing weather don’t exactly go hand in hand. But with the right preparations, it can still be a successful and enjoyable experience.

Skirting an RV means putting material around the bottom of the rig to keep its nether regions protected from the cold.



Step Two

Protect your water Pipes. Yes. That water hose that brings water into your house. That is one of the easiest yet most often forgotten parts to protecting your RV in the Winter.

You can go to your local Lowes Dept store and for less than $50 you can keep hoses and pipes from freezing. The first is a tubular pipe insulation and the other is heat cable.



Here is are pictures of both that I have on my 1997 Bounder.



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