5 Reasons Your RV Windows Need A Reflective Cover

If you park under the sun this summer, you’ll want to protect your windows from all the extra heat radiating in. A reflective window cover can be very useful in temperature control, as well as keeping your RV’s interior looking good as new. These covers can be set up anywhere from the windshield and side windows to the skylight above the bed or shower.

window covers

Camco Window Shades – About $17 (Prices vary depending on size) on Amazon

You can make your own window cover with some Reflectix or purchase one already pre-measured for RVs on Amazon and in stores. These are some of the benefits of having reflective window covers in your RV (and in the car) over the summer.

1. They’ll keep the interior cooler

The reflective surface is designed to keep heat from radiating in your RV. It will allow you to run your A/C less often (or not at all), and when it does need to be on, it will run more efficiently. The covers will be extra handy if you plan on camping down south where temperatures are reaching triple digits.

2. Protect your interior fabrics and woodwork from fading due to UV exposure

Prolonged sun exposure through the window will cause your interior fabrics and woodwork to fade. This makes them look aged and dull and also lessens the value of your RV.

Even if you don’t mind the temperature, set up reflective window covers just to keep your RV looking good as new. It’s worth the investment! Read more about the damaging effects of UV light here.

3. Prevent light from shining in and waking you up in the morning

Early morning sun or campground lights can sometimes shine through the window and be very disturbing in the morning. Set up some reflective window covers or blackout curtains at night to ensure you won’t have a bright awakening.

4. Get more privacy

An extra bonus of having window covers is the privacy they provide. This is especially useful if your windows don’t already have curtains, blinds, or some sort of shade. Put up the covers anytime and in any window where you don’t want nosy neighbors peeking in.

5. They’re easy to put up and take down as needed, without damaging the RV

Window covers can be set up in minutes when you park and taken down just as easily when you’re on the road. This reflective RV window cover from Camco has simple loop fasteners for installation and it collapses in seconds for quick and easy storage.

The key to keeping your RV cool in the summer is blocking out the sun and maintaining a good airflow throughout the day.


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