How to Clean Your RV Black Water Tank

Most of you may know that I live full time in my Bounder. I stay year round here at Blue Skys RV Park near Neosho, MO and also work part time as the Park Manager.

To my surprise, we get a lot of 1st time Rvers here. They, like me two years ago, don't have much of a clue on how to set up their black and grey water tanks, and especially don't know how to clean the black water tank.

We all probably will agree, this can be a chore and not the most pleasant experience. Unfortunately, if you own an RV, it's just one of those necessary things that must be done from time to time. This isn't about dumping your black tank, but the steps needed to clean that icky gunk that builds up in the black tank overtime. One clear indicator that you need to do a thorough black tank cleaning is incorrect tank sensor readings. If you dump your black tank and still show a full or partially full tank, then a good scrubbing is needed. The best method we've found is to use a cleaning wand specifically designed for RV blank tanks.

I went to YouTube, searched, and found this great video explaining just how to do this. I was pleased to know that I already was using the flexible swivel stick he referred to and use it several times a year.

So... watch the following video. Links can be found below the video if you would like to purchase them. (the gentleman in the video will receive commission if you use his links.)



Products discussed: Camco 40074 Flexible Swivel Stik:

Camco 39432 C-Do 2 Clear 45 Degree Hose Adapter:

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Bath Tissue, Toilet Paper. 4 Rolls (Pack of 12):

Happy Campers Black Tank Treatment - 40 treatments -

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