Where to store Shoes in Your RV?

RVs don’t have a lot of space for clothes, let alone room for shoes and boots.  Even if your collection only consists of one or two pairs, shoes always seem to be getting in the way.  And by not taking them off at the door, your footwear can track in mud, dirt, and leaves throughout your rig.

If your sandals and sneakers don’t have a good place to call home, try some of these simple storage ideas.  Most items can be found for cheap at the dollar store or online from Amazon.

1. Hang a set of mesh net holders near the door.


Hang these nets near the door for easy access. Photo via Pinterest

2. Mount a coat rack and hang your shoes from the hooks.

An easy way to hang your shoes. Photo via Wheeling It

Use Command Hooks to hang the racks without damaging the surface underneath.

3. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer, or cut one up (as pictured below) and mount it around your bed.


How to cut up the organizer. Photo via Motorhome

To make it: Cut a shoe organizer into four rows (using two rows per section). Punch holes along the top of each section to thread heavy-duty twine through.

Then fasten screws on the inside of your under-bed storage compartment, and attach the twine to them so the shoe holders hang just outside of the compartment beneath the mattress.

4. Store shoes that you don’t wear often (or shoes that are out of season, like flip-flops) in an under-the-bed organizer.


5. Use an adjustable shower rod to hold shoes out of the way.


Shower rods add extra storage space in seconds. Photo via Pinterest

6. Make a DIY shoe rack using shelf brackets.

A perfect place to hold your shoes by the door.  Photo via Pinterest


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