6 RV-Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas is almost here, meaning it’s time to break out the decorations and make your camper merry and bright.

6 RV-Friendly Christmas Tree Ideas


This is great news for the holiday-loving RVers out there, and many will rush to get their decor up as soon as possible. Others, however, may be left scratching their heads as they wonder how they could possibly decorate such a small space as well as they would a house.

For instance, a full-sized Christmas tree will just not fit in most RVs. In fact, even those that will hold a normal tree won’t do so well, meaning anyone looking to decorate a trailer or motorhome this season will need to find an alternative to the traditional tree.

Did you know that setting up your holiday decorations early is good for you? Image via Unsplash


Fortunately, there are actually a number of amazing options out there, and many of them are ideal for RV living. Below are some of our favorites.

1. Set up a half tree

If you can’t fit a whole tree in your tiny home, why not bring just half? No, we don’t mean you should cut off the top half of a tree. Instead, get one of these collapsible half trees that are split in half vertically and sit against the wall. They’ll give you all the looks of a full tree, without consuming too much space.

This is a major win for anyone with a small amount of floor space and traditional taste in decor, and the fact that it’s flush with the wall makes anchoring the tree a cinch.


2. Pencil tree

Perhaps you don’t have tons of floor space, but a tree could still reach up to the ceiling. If this is how you feel, a skinny “pencil” tree might be just the thing for you.

These tall, thin trees give you plenty of room for ornaments but fit quite nicely into a corner. They are great for those who want a tree to put presents under but don’t mind a slightly unusual look. Just be sure to anchor the tree somehow before moving your RV or you may be in for some broken ornaments when they fall from such a height.

3. Tabletop trees

If you’re working with a tiny RV, you’re going to have to think even smaller. In these cases, a tabletop tree is a great solution.

Tabletop trees are easy to move around. Image via Facebook

Of course, putting the tree on the table does mean you lose some dining space, but we think this is a small sacrifice to pay to have a pretty, sparkly Christmas tree to look at for the holiday season. Besides, tiny trees can be moved to the floor and wedged between furniture quickly and easily, ensuring safe transport for all decor items.

4. Outdoor trees

Another option for those who don’t want to sacrifice floor or table space is to set up an outdoor tree. As long as it’s okay with the RV park you’re staying in, you can simply put up an artificial tree, decorate it with outdoor lights and weather-resistant ornaments, and enjoy your tree as you sit around the campfire.

Outdoor trees won’t take up any floor or table space. Photo via Facebook.

We don’t recommend putting the gifts under this tree until Christmas morning, but opening presents in the great outdoors will make for a fun experience as long as the weather isn’t too cold.

5. Wall tree

Many RVers have gotten craft-happy and created some pretty awesome “wall trees” from such items as felt, foam, and even a string of lights. This is an amazing option if you are super limited on space and don’t want to give up your tabletop.

Hang Christmas lights in the shape of a tree to save space. Photo by editor

The felt version is perfect for those with kids because it can be decorated with felt “ornaments” that the kids can move around, and the light version is great for anyone who loves the twinkle of Christmas light. There is even a pre-made version for the less crafty among us.

6. Decked-out garland

If you’d rather skip the tree altogether, you may find that a pre-lit garland works well for RV decor.  You can hang the garland wherever you like, hang your ornaments from it, and plug in the lights for a gorgeous, out-of-the-way display that still incorporates the warm glow and colorful trinkets we all love so much.

Garland is an equally-festive alternative. Image via Facebook

As long as you secure it well, the garland can stay in place during moves, but you may want to remove any breakable ornaments in order to ensure their safety throughout the ride.

By choosing one of these awesome Christmas tree ideas, you can have all the cheer of the season in your tiny home-on-wheels and still have plenty of room left for cookie baking, carol singing, and watching your favorite holiday movies.

What are you waiting for? Grab a tree today and start enjoying the most wonderful time of the year!


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